Name search part 6: letter transition matrix

So far I’ve failed to capture some structure that makes a string of letters feel like a given name. Somehow being pronounceable isn’t sufficient for being a meaningful name. It feels like I need to find patterns in the given names from the social security data.

Name search part 5: randomly generated names

In part 4 I explored the space of possible names of a given length, and showed from the social security name data that a vanishingly small fraction of possible names get used as the length of the name increases to around 5 or 6 letters and beyond.

Name search part 4: the space of names

In part 3 I did some spelunking through the US social security name dataset. In this post I’ll continue to use that data to explore what names have been chosen in the space of possible names.

Patterns in Toby's bottle feedings

We had a baby! Toby Lev Letourneau was born April 13th 2017, and he’s such a cool kid:

Name search part 2: combining phonemes

In part 2 of this series, I explore an algorithm for combining phonemes.

In search of a baby name: introduction

Part 1 in a series of posts on a nerdy computational search for a name for our new son.

Life the React Way

(This post was recently featured on the Udacity blog.)

Game of Life in HTML5 canvas, D3.js, and React.js

At the beginning of my Hacker School batch I paired with Jake on a Javascript implementation of Conway’s Game of Life, as a way to learn Javascript and HTML5 canvas:

Searching genomes with Mathematica and HadoopLink

A post on the Wolfram blog about searching large genome databases using a MapReduce algorithm implemented with the Wolfram Language.

Mathematica gets BigData with HadoopLink

A post on the Wolfram blog about Hadoop and MapReduce integration with the Wolfram Language.

Hunting for Turing Machines at the Wolfram Science Summer School

A post on the Wolfram blog about my experimental computation experiences at the Wolfram Science Summer School.

How do YOU type "wolfram"? Analyzing your typing style using Mathematica

A post on the Wolfram blog about analyzing keystroke dynamics using the Wolfram Language.

Analyzing your email with Mathematica

A post on the Wolfram blog showing how to analyze your email using the Wolfram Language.

Did you know that Wolfram|Alpha knows your DNA?

A post on the Wolfram|Alpha blog about genomics features I built for Wolfram|Alpha.


Hacking My Tech Career at Hacker School (2014)

In August 2014 I spoke about my Recurse Center (formerly Hacker School) experience at Champaign-Urbana’s Tech Mix meetup.

My Quantified Self Adventures at Wolfram (2014)

In April 2014 I spoke at Data Rave NYC about my adventures analyzing personal data at Wolfram.

MapReduce in Mathematica (2013)

I gave a talk at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming conference in 2013. In part 1 I describe Mathematica’s functional language, and in part 2 I describe how to write algorithms in the MapReduce paradigm using Mathematica. The video taken of this talk is available from the CUFP site.